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Pam Naylor

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If you are ready for a change and are ready to work towards your goals, Pam is the trainer to help you get there. Pam is above all the most nurturing trainer/coach I have ever worked with. She truly cares. She is knowledgeable through education and experience. She creates close bonds with her clients and is truly vested in their success. You will work hard but will enjoy the results. Pam is a gift to the fitness world and you will undoubtedly experience improved fitness and along the journey make a new friend.





TRIATHLOn Training & Cycling Classes





All Performance Training, LLC was established for the purpose of training individuals and athletes to reach their optimal performance by surpassing their athletic goals. By training both physically and mentally, improving sport specific strength and techniques, individuals can defy their pre-conceived limitations and become the best and healthiest version of themselves. All Performance Training provides personalized coaching in a one-on-one or small group setting, on-line or in-person.



I have been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor since 2001. I have had experience working with all ages, ability levels, and athletes competing in a variety of sports.

I have worked closely with physical therapists and their clients to smooth the transition between physical therapy and post-rehab to an out-patient daily exercise routine, sports training schedule and a return to athletic competition program.

2007 was my first ever triathlon, which I won. I went on to win most of my age group triathlon races before I turned pro in August 2010 by winning the Chicago International Triathlon.

As an Age Group Triathlete I went to the Triathlon Age Group World Championship in the Cold Coast of Australia, Sept. 2009 (17th out of 630 women; second fastest American Woman; 6th in Age Group; bike split was the fastest in age group and third fastest of all the women)

When you train with me you'll be training with a:

  • Former USA Professional Triathlete
  • Olympic Distance and ½ Ironman Pro Finisher
  • 2x Ironman Finisher in 2016 (Coeur d’Alene, ID (1st Place Woman 35-39 and 5th woman overall) & KONA Ironman World Triathlon Championship – Age Grouper (after becoming a first time mother)
  • 10 + Marathons
  • Boston Marathon Finisher
  • Former Tour of the Unknown Coast 100 mile Bike Female Record Holder
  • Local Running Club Records Holder
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Julie Hoopes

Training with Pam has always been fun and full of laughs! She's always looking for new ways to strengthen and challenge me. Now that she has her new studio gym, it's even more fun! I feel safe and comfortable in the space and appreciate all the effort she puts into keeping her space clean and enjoyable.

Frank Demling

I have found that maintaining an active lifestyle, especially as one gets older, requires maintaining a regular strength training program to maintain muscle mass, increase one's flexibility and balance and reduce falls and injuries. As a cyclist who enjoys riding on the road, gravel and MTB, I have found that strength training has helped me to increase my power to the pedals, helped me to develop a stronger core and improve muscle imbalances. I especially appreciate that Pam takes the time to help me set realistic fitness goals and then tailors my strength training program to meet those goals. Pam's emphasis on using good posture and technique during my strength training sessions has also helped to keep me injury free. I also appreciate Pam's encouragement and good humor as she is pushing me to my limits. A few years ago, I was finally able to gain entry into the the Leadville 100 MTB race at 63 years old and I know that I would not have finished the race without Pam's commitment to my personal training needs. Thank you, Pam. Got the buckle. 👍

Jessica Kostick

As a former coworker and client, if you are looking for a committed trainer who is detail oriented then Pam is the trainer for you. She coaches you from a stand point of personal experience as well as from multiple successful clients. Pam has a lot of real world knowledge backed up by a degree in Exercise Science and over 19 years personal training. After moving out of Humboldt County I contacted Pam to help me run a half marathon after having my second child. Even though we did not live in the same state, she was able to successfully coach me via phone calls, texts and emails and I was more than thrilled to complete my goal! There was no way I could have accomplished this race by myself. I needed her support and coaching to get me through this race. Yes, its true Personal Trainers need help getting motivated too! I would recommend Pam in a heartbeat for any of your health/fitness goals.

Katie Culleeney

I was really nervous about approaching a personal trainer. After finishing college and working a desk job for almost five years, I found it difficult to motivate myself to exercise regularly, and I was beginning to see a decline in my physical endurance. That's when I knew I had to do something, and that's when I found Pam! She is fun, highly knowledgeable and caters to your specific needs with every session. She varies our workouts and pushes me without overdoing it. If you are looking for a personal trainer I would highly recommend Pam Naylor!


Are you looking to find a highly educated, experienced, and dependable personal trainer in Eureka, California, Arcata, or other surrounding areas in Humboldt County?

You are in luck, you have found the most dependable "personal trainer near me"!

I offer personalized workout programs specifically for you that take your body and energy levels to new heights. You will not only achieve your goals but you will also learn to maintain your new body.

One thing that I can't stress enough is that education is essential for long term success. I will not only show you what you need to do to get the body you want, but will also teach you how to maintain it for your future.

Benefits of using me as your personal trainer in Eureka, Ca or anywhere in the world:

  • Completely Personalized Workouts
  • Learn Proper Nutrition For Your Goal and Body Type
  • Body fat Measurements and Metabolism Tests

I also provide many different styles of personal training to fit your needs and put you in any environment that will help you get the best results, such as:

  • In-person 1-on-1 personal training
  • Tandem personal training
  • Small group personal training
  • 1-on-1 online personal training
  • Personal training for kids, youth and adults
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My in-person one-on-one complete fitness solution can help you overcome many common obstacles that you are concerned about and set you on the right path to achieving your health and fitness goals!

Every 1-on-1 session is by appointment and you can expect every visit to include an amazing customized workout, expert fitness education & instruction, accountability, and awareness and motivation to hit your goals.


Personal Training

Tandem training is an excellent option for many reasons:

Increased motivation. Your partner will help hold you accountable and create extra motivation for you, especially on days when you're not feeling up to it.

More exercises. Having a partner allows you to try partner-required exercises that will help push your limits and get results even faster.

Less intimidating. A partner will help alleviate any anxiety you have about doing it alone and feel a bit less intense.

Small Group

Personal Training

Small group workouts are an amazing way to get a great experience and quality workout while surrounded by other people who are pursuing similar fitness goals.

It's an affordable and fun way for you to take advantage of my expertise while being in a fun and competitive environment with others.

My group sessions are ideal for those looking to accomplish serious fitness goals with the camaraderie and accountability of your peers.

1-on-1 Online

Personal Training

Online personal training is an amazing way to bring my high quality workouts in the comfort of your own space.

I know that your health, time, and privacy can be very valuable commodities, so having 1-on-1 online personal training is something I also offer.

Online personal training allows you to have customized workout programs to fit your needs on your time and in your preferred location.

Cycling Classes/ Cycle Strength Classes

Participants can try a class for FREE if there is space in the class.

Since class space is limited, participants are requested to pay for a month ahead of time to reserve their spot in class.

Cycle Strength Classes combine high intensity cycling intervals and off the bike strength training exercises.

If you want to maximize your time, give yourself a metabolic boost while getting stronger and more cardiovascularly fit, then cycle strength won't leave you disappointed!

Cindy Denbo

My first workout session with Pam was twelve years ago and I soon realized that joining her clientele was a very, very good decision. Pam continues to develop strength and cardio regimens for me that provide challenging workouts tailored to my abilities, needs, goals. Since March, I have worked with her via Facetime multiple times each week. These workouts are focused, organized, creative, very well-considered and now, given the times we live in, are tailored to use the weights and other equipment that I have in my home. These in-home sessions are every bit as useful—frequently more so—than my fitness center sessions. I can’t overstate how much I value Pam’s expertise, professionalism, enthusiasm, and commitment—all of which have helped me to remain strong and healthy, flexible and limber. In a five-star rating system…I rate these dozen years as a six-star experience. Yes. She’s that good.

eureka triathlon coaching

Triathlon Training & Sport Specific Training

Are you looking to train for a triathlon? Whether you are just getting started or you are simply looking to improve your times or distances, I can help. I am the top Certified USA Triathlon Coach in the Humboldt County area and I have the experience to back it up. I am also the Assistant Coach to the Cal Poly Humboldt Women's Triathlon Team.

As the top triathlon trainer in the area, I have been in many races and competitions that have given me the know-how to train people who are serious about becoming triathletes.

A triathlon is a multisport race that involves swimming, biking, and running over various distances depending on the race you enter. I specialize in sports coaching and training for all three sports.

The first thing we will do is develop a customized plan to help structure your training so that you can perform at your best and accomplish your triathlon goals.

.My one-on-one triathlon trainer workouts are personalized to meet your needs and the demands of a busy lifestyle. The workouts are specifically and efficiently designed to maximize your time in order to achieve optimal results.

If you are doing an Ironman or a Half Ironman, I will create a plan for you that you will be very satisfied with.

It's proven that finding a tri coach is the best way to help you achieve your triathlon goals. Not only will you get amazing performance training, but I will always provide you with strategies for racing, injury prevention, rest, and nutrition as well so that your body performs at its best.

Athletes who work with a coach are more likely to see greater progress and goal achievement than athletes who train on their own. I work with athletes of all ability levels locally and across the nation.

Below are the types of triathlon coaching I provide:

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • On-Line/Virtual
  • Beginner to Advanced Triathlon Coaching
  • Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman & Ironman Distance Triathlon Coaching
  • Swim Coaching & Technique Training
  • Cycling Coaching & Technique Training
  • Running Coaching & Technique Training
  • Rest & Nutrition Advice
  • Injury Prevention & Rehab
  • Coaching and training for kids, youth and adults
eureka triathlon coaching


Strength training involves using your own bodyweight, lifting weights or resistance bands, to build muscle mass, strength, and endurance. I offer one-on-one and tandem training, as well as small group training and classes.

You’ll be surprised that you can still sweat those calories off with the added benefit of toning your body as you take a break from the cardio equipment. And you'll also get stronger too! It usually takes a few weeks to start seeing results, but strength training is a sure way to build or tone up your muscles with increased metabolic and bone density benefits.

Don't worry, you won't end up looking like a bodybuilder (unless you want to). It all depends on your goals and that is something that I can help you with!

If you’re new to the weight room, it may feel overwhelming and intimidating, but with me by your side, I can help you implement strength training into your fitness routine and as you adapt, you can increase your frequency and intensity of training.

A big part of strength training involves conditioning as well. Conditioning plays a crucial role in injury prevention and trains the muscles, ligaments, and tendons to withstand a higher level of endurance and flexibility.

Below are the different types of strength and conditioning training that I help you with to get your body in shape and/or ready to perform your best in your sport:

  • Muscle Endurance Training
  • Hypertrophy Training
  • Max Strength Training
  • Explosive Power Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Group Strength Training
  • Cardiovascular Classes
eureka strength trainer

Training Packages


Personal Training

Individualized In Person or Online Training

30 or 60 minute sessions


Personal Training

Train With a Partner or Friend In Person or Online Training

30 or 60 minute sessions

Self Guided Single Sport-Specific Training Package:

  • Written Daily, Weekly, Monthly Workouts/Training Plans (cardiovascular & strength)
  • Weekly Progress Analysis & Communication (phone call, text, email, video chat)
  • Training Plan Modifications - Weekly
  • Race Strategy
  • Add-ons (additional cost) such as in-person coaching, nutritional guidance, movement/technique analysis available.



Training Package:

  • Written Daily, Weekly, Monthly Workouts/Training Plans (cardiovascular & strength)
  • Weekly Progress Analysis & Communication (phone call, text, email, video chat)
  • Training Plan Modifications - Weekly
  • Race Strategy
  • Add-ons (additional cost) such as in-person coaching, nutritional guidance, movement/technique analysis available.



Training Package:

  • Written Daily, Weekly, Monthly Workouts/Training Plans (cardiovascular & strength)
  • Daily Progress Analysis & Communication (phone call, text, email, video chat)
  • Training Plan Modifications - Daily
  • Race Strategy
  • Two 1-Hour, In-person or on-line face to face video conference, training sessions per month
  • Nutritional Guidance

Cycling Classes:

Starting Now

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:30 am- 6:30 am

  • Cycle Strength Training Classes are: Tuesday & Thursday 9-10 am

  • Since space is limited, reserve your spot for the month by paying in advance

  • Participants can try for free if there is space in class.

**A la carte items available on an individualized basis. Please never hesitate to discuss training and price options with me so that I can help you accomplish your goals, dreams, and meet your needs. You can't put a price on your dreams! I am here to make things work for you!


Contact Coach Pam Naylor today to receive a no-obligation, free phone consultation. The worst that can happen is you might learn something for free!

When we talk or meet, we will discuss your concerns and training goals before identifying a training plan to best fit your needs.

If you are looking for personal training, sports specific training or a triathlon coach, contact me today!

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